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Thread: The Cigar shaped object in space.

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    UFO The Cigar shaped object in space.

    Huge, mysterious object flying past Earth might be an alien spacecraft, scientists say | The Independent

    This thing is not an asteroid or meteor with a funny shape. it's clearly an alien Spacecraft flying around our Solar System.

    With the 'luck' us humans have been having recently perhaps we'll be invaded soon.

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    Default Re: The Cigar shaped object in space.

    It's not 'clearly' anything yet. They obviously don't have a clue what it is.

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    Default Oumuamua - not an Xmas poo

    It's Oumuamua.

    As you probably know, it's just a big interstellar interloper that is very non-spherical. Like a big Mr Hankey, travelling faster than the speed of shite.

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