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Thread: Time always changes...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ck View Post

    I've never had a penis picture, I must give off the wrong vibes

    I think Instagram (and Pinterest) are good for arty ideas. If i'm wanting cupcake ideas or something arty to make for Christmas i'll see if I can stumble on a good hashtag to search for. My son said that Facebook is for middle age people ( ) and that young ones rarely ever post on their walls but they do use it for group chats.
    I didn't know that. And there was me being all look at me and how hip I am being a FB user in his late 50s.

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    I do think that change is something to be encouraged and embraced. I have never been afraid to learn something new, even if I don't like or want it, but to deny change is a crime.
    Grab hold of it, have fun with it, see what you can do with it.
    After all, it's inevitable. Just don't forget to look back and remember your roots, because without our history how would we understand our future. [/pretentious lecture]

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