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Thread: Christmas traditions

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    Default Re: Christmas traditions

    Quote Originally Posted by Ck View Post
    You've got a busy few days so it'll be nice to gather your thoughts and chit chat about what 2017 has in store for you. x

    2016 was a big year for us what with the lad graduating and getting a job and also having some big jobs done on the house. We've not made any solid plans for 2017 but as usual i'd like to get more organised and I think another big clear out might be on the cards.
    Yeah, it's always fun to think about and plan things for the new year. It's like a new start and quite exciting.

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    Default Re: Christmas traditions

    Quote Originally Posted by Ck View Post
    He's going to London for a few nights with some mates, they're staying at one of his mate's aunts house. They'll have a ball down there.

    I've never fancied going away for New Year, or Christmas. I like being cosy warm at home too much

    Yeah, me too. Having said that one of the nicest memories I have is sitting outside an empty cafe, just us, in Rome next to one of those outdoor heaters drinking a hot chocolate just before midnight. It was just perfect. We'd moved away from all the action because in Italy the fireworks are going off randomly all over, so it was a bit scary. We drove around instead at midnight and watched all the fireworks going off from the car, it was really lovely and something I'd love to do again.

    Quote Originally Posted by timey View Post
    We went to Dublin one year. A bit daft as it was cold and wet but it was fun. For me personally celebrating new year anywhere in Scotland or Ireland is best. I'd love to go to Edinburgh but the crowds would be horrendous and we can see it with Jackie Bird on the telly anyway. The fireballs at Stonehaven are good but even there the crowds are horrendous, so it is getting hard to easily experience these things.
    Yeah, it's the crowds that makes it less enjoyable. Like I said, Rome was nice because it's not all in one place, so it's not crowded. The whole of the centre has people walking around with bottles of Champagne (or more than likely prosecco), it's family friendly as well because people walk in families and all the cafes are open. Last year I think the in-laws went to London. They said they had to stand for hours before in a fine drizzle and couldn't move or they'd lose their place, it sounded awful but they said it was an experience.

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