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Thread: Why can't we get detailed images of Pluto with Hubble?

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    Default Why can't we get detailed images of Pluto with Hubble?

    An interesting article I was reading today that explains to those who are sceptical about why we can get "detailed" images of distant galaxies but not of Pluto, which is much nearer. Answer: Even though Pluto is much nearer it is also much smaller, so much so that it appears 1300 smaller than the average galaxy. Hence, at Pluto's distance one pixel is about 840 miles across, and Pluto is therefore only about 3 pixels wide, thus - a very blurry picture. However, at a galaxy's distance, although 1 pixel is much wider, the galaxies are huge, so much so that we can get beautiful pictures of them seemingly in great detail. I say seemingly great detail because in fact the pictures of Pluto from Hubble are more detailed, as each pixel represents a much smaller area, whilst in the images of galaxies one pixel is probably billions of miles across.

    Why can Hubble get detailed views of distant galaxies but not of Pluto? | The Planetary Society

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    Default Re: Why can't we get detailed images of Pluto with Hubble?

    It all depends on which part of the Dysons Sphere we're looking at!

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