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    UFO New Horizons

    NASA's New Horizons spacecraft begins historic approach to Pluto - CNET

    After nine years practically to the day, NASA's New Horizons spacecraft has officially kicked off its historic encounter with Pluto.

    NASA confirmed on Thursday that New Horizons is entering the first of several approach phases, which will culminate on July 14 when the space probe is nearest to Pluto, allowing it to capture some close-up images of the dwarf planet. New Horizons is still about 135 million miles away from Pluto, according to NASA, and on January 25 it will begin to capture long-range images of the Pluto system that will give scientists a better look at the dynamics of Pluto's moons and help them navigate New Horizons the rest of the way.
    NewHorizonsAtJupiter - New Horizons

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    Default Re: New Horizons

    It made it past Pluto and what a sight indeed.

    New Horizons: Nasa spacecraft speeds past Pluto - BBC News

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    Default Re: New Horizons

    They actually had to cobble that picture up pretty quickly, after they saw this image coming down from the probe:

    Pluto Image

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    good info

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