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Thread: Manson to marry ??

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    Default Manson to marry ??

    BBC News - Mass murderer Charles Manson granted marriage licence

    American mass murderer Charles Manson, 80, has been granted a licence to marry a 26-year-old woman who has been visiting him in prison.

    The bride-to-be, Afton Elaine Burton, says she loves Manson.

    She moved to Corcoran, California, nine years ago to be nearer Manson's prison and maintains he is innocent.

    Manson is serving a life sentence for his role in the murders of seven people and one unborn child in Los Angeles in 1969.

    The victims included pregnant actress Sharon Tate, wife of film director Roman Polanski.

    "Y'all can know that it's true... It's going to happen," Ms Burton, who goes by the name "Star", told AP.

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