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Thread: Itchy Scrotum

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    Default Re: Itchy Scrotum

    Quote Originally Posted by Ben View Post
    Nah, it'll itch more as the hairs grow back and are more spiky having been recently cut.

    If you've still got it, go and see a doctor, it could be cock rot.

    We call it itchy B'ahhs up her chief, yeah best see the doctor, probably a fungal cream would do the prick... erm I mean trick!

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    Default Re: Itchy Scrotum

    Freebie, I hope you're paying attention to your personal hygiene.

    You need to shower daily and regularly change your undies. Also you need very clean hands because if you start scratting about with dirty fingers then go touching other stuff you can spread germs. Try to wear cotton pants too. Oh, and sitting for hours on non breathable surfaces won't help either so if you have a plastic chair, put a cushion on it or walk about more.

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