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Thread: Article: Real-life reanimator and his zombie hounds

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    Oh God not another run-of-the-mill pretentious teenager pretending to be an "atheist" and making fun of Christians for their beliefs... You sound like the classic keyboard-atheist: an edgy virginal chronic-masturbating teenager who pretends to be an atheist online in order to get likes and praise from others because you do what you see others do and you think it makes you look cool and smart: "Oh yeah fuck God! (I'm so badass, take that mommy and daddy)". But being a garden-variety keyboard-atheist you only make fun of Christians because they're mostly peaceful and won't retaliate and only do so behind the safety of your screen: Would you be willing to make fun of Jews or Muslims in public and in person? No? Didnt think so. Go to sleep little buddy, it's past your bedtime, but wipe your keyboard clean, your mom's gonna kill you if she finds it all sticky after you masturbated over it for the 4th time today.
    And next time keep your personal viewpoints and bullshit unwanted opinions to yourself, it's not like you're saying anything new or useful anyway, you just parrot the same tiresome cheap amateurish pseudo-atheist talking points.

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