A criminal who couldn’t resist checking his Facebook page while robbing a home now finds himself in jail.
Minneapolis police say Nicholas Wig, 26, broke into the home of James Wood and stole credit cards, cash and a checkbook. He left Wood’s computer behind, but also left a big clue there in the process.
When Wood recovered from the shock of his house being ransacked, he discovered Wig’s Facebook profile had been left up on his computer. Wood posted on the alleged thief’s Facebook page and encouraged people on Facebook to contact him if they recognized Wig.
When the alleged burglar contacted Wood to try to get back clothes he had left at the home, Wood agreed to meet him, then contacted police when he saw Wig approaching his house.
According to authorities, Wig has a long criminal history, including burglary, domestic assault and drug charges. If convicted of this latest robbery, he could face up to 10 years in prison and $20,000 in fines.

Police: Burglar caught because he was checking Facebook | www.whio.com