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1. What is the Trojan Horse operation?

An alleged plot by Islamic fundamentalists to take over Birmingham schools in the East of the city by ousting headteachers and staff through dirty tricks campaigns.

2. Where did the allegations come from?

The city council, the Birmingham Mail and other media received a document which purported to show Jihadists were targeting schools and orchestrating false allegations against staff, including non-Muslims.

3. What did the letter say?

Part of the typed letter said: “Operation ‘Trojan Horse’ has been carefully thought through and is tried and tested within Birmingham.

“Implementing it in Bradford will not be difficult for you.

“The process behind Trojan Horse is simple. It is about people seeing our intentions as respectable and our being accepted by the key stakeholders.”

Some more information, all good stuff.
You expect us to believe there are false allegations, but you won't believe that these could be false allegations? Rubbish.