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Thread: Politics is rubbish.....

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    Default Politics is rubbish.....

    I am proud to say that in my 39 years of life i have never voted. When I was younger I didnt care about politics and as I got older and did care I soon realised that most politicians dont know the meaning of the word altruism. They spin you all kinds of lies to get you to vote for them and once they have power they do what they like until just before the next election when they start offering sweeteners so you will vote them in again...

    My long time belief has borne fruit spectacularly with this latest bunch, but what has made me write this is an opinion poll that i saw the other day. People were fed up of Labour so didnt vote for them so the other two came together and took over. But now that this lot are pissing people off all of a sudden they all like Labour again! When will the electorate realise that THEY ARE ALL FULL OF SHIT...?!

    Labour has 11-point lead in new opinion poll |

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    241 - Politics is rubbish.....

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    Default Re: Politics is rubbish.....

    Very true, although for me I'd rather have the current government than the previous one, which would have just got us into worse and worse debt than we are already in. When we were in Lanzarote we spoke to some Irish folk and they were commenting on the state that their economy is in and the loans they have had to take out. She said that that, compared to Ireland's, our government is more "organised". I suppose it depends on what people are looking for from a government though. Too many people expect them to sort out all their personal problems, when that just isn't going to happen.

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    Default Re: Politics is rubbish.....

    I quite like some of the ideas this one has, the clamp down and tightening up of benefits for instance. And, although I work in the public sector and many of our jobs are at risk there are a load of people who work there that do as little as possible all day long and addressing that has been long overdue. I don't like seeing the cost of things go up and my wages being frozen but the personal allowance for income tax is due to change in 2011 so that should up it a little.

    The way I see it is, they hold the purse strings and if it were to be brought down to the level of running a house and the household finances were in such a state that you could lose all you had or be debted up forever tied to extortionate interest rates then you'd make some cuts, them cutting jobs that are not required is just like letting your window cleaner go, them freezing wages is comparable to not increasing your entertainment fund and them cutting benefits is like telling your kids to go out and get a paper round cos you can't financially afford to support their whims anymore.

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