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Thread: the Prince is in touch with the people

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    Default the Prince is in touch with the people

    Now doesn't this make you feel better?
    Royal in Recession: Prince Charles Embraces Frugality
    Charles, the Prince of Wales, doesn't exactly have to save for a rainy day: he collects Aston Martins, has three chauffeurs, and holds overseas investments totaling at least $68 million. But as Britain copes with a bleak economic forecast and austerity measures meant to tackle its $230 billion deficit, the future king has embraced a royal version of frugality sure to make playboy princes around the world quiver: he's cutting back on canapes and hosting drinks parties instead of lavish dinners.

    "We are always keeping an eye on the economic climate," Charles' private secretary Michael Peat told reporters in London on June 29. "We do live in the real world - for the most part anyhow." (See pictures of Charles' princely evolution.)

    That's not just regal lip service. The Prince's annual budget, which was released on June 29, shows that during the past fiscal year, which ran from April 1 to March 31, he reduced his official spending by 4.4% to $13.8 million. And he more than halved his work-related travel expenses (both air and rail) from roughly $2.6 million to $1 million, in part by accepting freebies. "Last year the main long-haul trip [Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall] did was to Canada, which was paid for by the Canadians," Peat said.

    Over the same period, Charles also reduced his duty-bound entertainment expenses from around $800,000 to $380,000, despite hosting 9,400 guests at Clarence House, his official residence, up from 9,000 guests the year before. Amid all the belt-tightening, the heir to the throne isn't serving boxed champagne just yet. Peat says the savings stem from efficiency measures like renegotiating contracts with caterers - not from compromising quality. But he admits that the "type" of functions Charles hosts has changed. In hard times, buffet is the new banquet. (See pictures of Lady Gaga and others meeting the Queen.)

    Charles isn't tightening his purse strings because he needs to. The monarchical austerity measures are all about showing that the Prince is in touch with the people. Charles draws his income from the Duchy of Cornwall estate, which the eldest son of the monarch automatically inherits at birth. Today it controls roughly 134,000 acres (54,000 hectares) of land in 23 countries. Over the past year, its profits rose by 4.3% to £17.2 million ($26 million). Aware of that growth and sensitive to the nation's financial woes, the Prince drew on just $2.5 million from taxpayers - 45% less than the year before. He also spent $94,000 less on the maintenance of his London office and Clarence House - an expense paid for by taxpayers. (His personal tax bill also went up by 12.6% to $5.3 million.)
    more story @ the link above

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    Default Re: the Prince is in touch with the people

    How 'nice' of him, the pratt!

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    Default Re: the Prince is in touch with the people

    Bless his cloth ears... I feel sorry for the pratt, not only cloth ears but blind as a bat as well.

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