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Thread: Tories Pledge Household Protection

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    Default Tories Pledge Household Protection

    Will the Tories make a worthwhile satisfactory difference on this much debated subject or not?

    If scumbag burglars or whatever type criminal are being naughty on your property it is my view that if you need to protect yourself or family you can do so by any means and if they die so bet it, clap your hands, one less for others to worry about..

    Tories pledge household protection -


    A Conservative government would review legislation on householders' rights to protect themselves against burglars, shadow home secretary Chris Grayling has said.

    Mr Grayling said the Tories would "look to provide the right level of protection for householders."

    His comments follow the case of Buckinghamshire businessman Munir Hussain, who was last week jailed for 30 months after pursuing and beating a member of a gang who had tied up his family at knife-point in their home.

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    ZPymsLQ - Tories Pledge Household Protection

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    Default Re: Tories Pledge Household Protection

    If they're on your property then maybe, but Munir Hussain chased them down the street.

    If they're running, they're no longer a threat. OK, they should be able to apprehend them but killing them in the street isn't justice it's the law of the jungle.

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