Kathreya Bikini
Kathreya rates herself as 'ten out of ten' in bed.

The cookie eating Thai masseuse used hand signals to tell fellow housemates she gives her sexual abilities full marks by holding up one finger and a closed fist to form the number ten.

The usually clean cut Kat also told housemates she was "good with her mouth" during the saucy chat last night.

Dale said she should change her catchphrase from 'cookie power' to 'sucky power' from now on.

Meanwhile, Rex - who also gave his sexual skills a 'ten out of ten' - told Maysoon to leave the room because she would not talk about her sex secrets.

He said: "If you're not going to play you need to fuck off and leave the room."

The model left the room, despite playboy Rex telling her he was only joking.

But sexy new housemate Sara was far more candid about her preferences in the bedroom.

She said: "I like it when you're in a relationship and you've got a lot of foreplay going on. But what I really like is it just rough.

"Just grab me and give it to me now."

Former bodybuilder Lisa, 40, said: "I'm gonna keep it simple - it's a definite ten-plus."

Boyfriend Mario added: "No, you're a 69!"

Theatre director Belinda said she liked to "have her clitoris sucked" while inexperienced Luke admitted he is only a "two".