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Spud's Christmas party

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Because Spud and his classmates finished their exams last week, this week they had a Christmas party! The lower class, or remedials were also invited.

Well we had a chuffin' smashing time, there were games to be played, trouble to get into, and best of all Father Christmas arrived!

To begin with we had a game of musical chairs, which Spud finished last, or went out first. Afterwards I thought we maybe could have tried harder, by shoving people out of the way. Next game was an egg and spoon race, again I figured the idea really was to complete the short course with Spud on a slack lead walking smartly at heel. So we took fucking ages, everyone else dashed round and didn't give a fuck about doing anything properly, so we put that out of our minds for the rest of the night.

earl albums spud dog picture6743 musical chairs -

earl albums spud dog picture6740 egg spoon -

After that I had to push a tennis ball around with a golf club, whilst trying to keep Spud from picking it up. Didn't win that one either.

Did OK at the moving dry peas with a straw game, but that was pretty crap and didn't really involve Spud.

earl albums spud dog picture6744 pea game -

We did do really well at the 'putting on the socks' game. I had to put socks on all four of Spud's paws and then walk him across the room. You got a point for each sock still remaining. We were the best at that, only ones to finish wearing all four socks!

earl albums spud dog picture6746 socks -

earl albums spud dog picture6745 socks -

Then Father Christmas arrived and Spud got an early Chrimbobs present, a bag of gravy bones! Just like kiddies parties there were a few tears, and once the youngsters left all excited and full of treats, they had the shits all over the pavement. Well maybe not exactly like kiddies, but similar.

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