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Spud's progress

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I'm ashamed to admit I haven't been updating Spud's blog, or his website, for yonks.

You can keep up with the little bugger's exploits on Facebook or Twitter though.

Well looking back the last post I made was to announce Spud had passed his puppy class! The puppy class is really quite basic training and I think it's perhaps more geared towards just socialising your puppy. I think what I mean to say is, they're all winners, I don't think you can actually fail puppy school. The Good citizens Dog Scheme Bronze Award is a different matter. Spud did the ten-week course and unfortunately he did not pass his exams. In fairness he did a lot better than I expected, he passed most of the tests and only actually failed because he started playing and biting my ears whilst I was supposed to be checking his teeth and paws and stuff.

We weren't really bothered, it's all for fun anyway, we only take him because it's like a night out for him to meet some friends and school chums. So we simply re-enrolled on the course, apparently no one really fails the awards, they're just 'not ready yet'.

Well Spud's coming along just fine. They cancelled the class the other week and we weren't aware of it so turned up at the scout hut anyway. Instead of the Bronze Award there was a special course set up which the Gold Award doggies were competing in. As we were already there they let us join in and Spud completed it, and in a faster time than one of the Gold Award candidates! Of course the next week he wouldn't do a fucking thing he was told during his regular class.

But we are getting there. Exam date is 28th November and we're keen to pass this time, so Spud is getting extra training and we're taking it all that little bit more seriously.

Also since the last time I updated, Spud has destroyed numerous 'indestructible' toys and started following the 'raw food' diet. The expensive and highly rated dry dog kibble we were giving him just seemed to give him the shits. On top of that he was farting like a trooper, and he does sleep on my bed. I don't mind a good old trump, but even I knew it was getting beyond a joke. These days he eats over 2lbs of raw chicken, lamb, beef, or offal a day plus a load of mushed up fruits and veggies. Spud loves it, and his trumps have almost completely ceased. He does less trurds, and they're much easier to tidy away than puddles of liquid cack. Overall wew're all much happier with this new diet, he seems as fit as a butcher's nod, we know he's getting healthy tucker, and it's costing us no more than the swanky dry stuff. Crunching up all the bones is good for him and his teeth too.

So since the last post Spud has come along great guns, I'll try to update more often, and get video of the little blighter passing his Bronze Award in a couple of weeks, hopefully.

huggle hound -

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Spud the Dog


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    haha Look at those gnashers
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