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Graduation day!

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Spud's only gone and graduated his puppy school with flying colours.

I have to admit I've been very pleasantly surprised at just how well he's done. He was top of the class most weeks, one of only four to not drop out before the end, and the only one to have attended every week. And he did really well.

I was fully expecting him to just fuck about every week being a complete pest and never doing as he's told. I expected that and it wasn't going to bother me. I'd decided before we began that we were only going so Spud could have a play out and enjoy himself, and if he just bounced around like a loony, then so be it.

Well, it turns out he is quite eager to please, when there's plenty of chopped-up hot-dog sauges or spam on offer as a rascal's reward. But it is really working, in all aspects of his training. Now he understands the basic principles of doing as he's told he's coming along in leaps and bounds.

The class he's just completed was really just basic training, a puppy socialisation course. Next week he starts at big school, the Kennel Club's Good citizens Dog Scheme Bronze Award. Then there's obviously silver and gold after that. We're hoping to go all the way with him, simply because he enjoys going more than anything, but I must admit it's pretty relaxing having a little noddy-dog that mostly does as he's told.

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  1. CambCelt's Avatar
    Well done Spud & Earl.
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