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Spud the Good

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Spud's being an absolute joy these past few days. Obviously like any puppy he's had his moments of being a little pest, but we're having no trouble with his basic training.

Top of the list is house training, I really have no patience for dirty messes around the house. Fortunately even though Spud is only very young (9 weeks) he's doing remarkably well potty-wise. We've had to keep our eyes on him, and make sure that if he starts taking a leak or crimping off a turd we usher him to the correct location. Well it's paid off in practically no time at all. He's already going to the back door and tapping on the glass if he wants to have a piss or a shit.

If he's not downstairs it was a little bit more tricky, but he's also going to the top of the stairs and waiting for us to take him back down now. He's a bloomin' smasher!

There's still a little bit of trouble with biting. He's not biting as hard when he plays now, but on some occasions he's clearly stopped giving a shit and just mauls the hell out of me.

But, he's definitely shown signs of improvement so I think we're getting there.

I only have one more week left at work and then I'm on holiday so I can spend loads more time with the little bugger.

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Spud the Dog


  1. Major Starbold's Avatar
    Why did you name him, Spud?
  2. Major Starbold's Avatar
    I reckon he could be a descendant of a King Edward.
  3. Major Starbold's Avatar
    Has he got big feet? Earl, can't quite see.
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