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My week with Spud

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So, week one is over. We survived a full seven days and nights with the little terror!

So far so good, by most accounts. My biggest worry was house training, I'm really not enthusiastic about mopping up piss and cleaning up dog-shit. Fortunately Spud has been really top-banana about the whole potty-training malarkey.

Obviously we have to keep on top of when we think he might really need to go. He can't open doors, or get down the stairs by himself so we need to make sure he gets the opportunities when he needs them. I'm pleased to say he then eliminates pretty much when we direct him to. There's been no real 'accidents' since the teenager was asked to look after him for an afternoon. There's the occasional 'spuddle' of wee, but number twos are right out the door and at the far end of the garden. To help Spud with his training you need to give a command, or at least a signal that you want him to go to the toilet, so I sing a little ditty to alert him that it's time to crap. It goes something like this:

It's the time of the turding turtle's head's emerging
Nothing you can do to stop the poo from curling

Works a treat, he crimps one off as soon as I start singing now. Great stuff.

So, the only real issue with the little monster is he's like a gremlin and a critter rolled into one. He bites very hard, and his teeth are like needles. I've got a pair of kevlar sleeves I used at work once to protect from glass cuts, and he manages to puncture them with his devilish fangs.

earl albums spud dog picture5369 spuds needle teeth -

I've no intention of trying to train him not to bite puppies bite it's perfectly natural and normal. To stop him doing what's natural to him just seems wrong, my thoughts are he will learn not to bite so chuffin' hard! Noddy started out the same way, puppies like to play, and they play by biting you. I just wear thick clothes I'm not concerned about ruining and let him maul away. I'm relying pretty much completely in the faith that Spud will learn how to play more softly, just like Nod did. Apparently this isn't actually a rare or unique concept, it's known as 'bite inhibition' and is actually an important training technique. Not that I knew.

The little bugger is sleeping a lot longer through the night, he gets up once at about three or four in the morning, so that's not so bad. And the house is steadily filling with toys, beds and blankets.

earl albums spud dog picture5370 spuds new bed -

earl albums spud dog picture5368 sleeping spud -

I'm trying to get a photo of him every day sat on the same chair with the same toy, so we can see how he grows.

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