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The Spud has landed

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The wait is finally over, and we picked up the little Spud this morning!

Spud is most definitely the pick of the pups, but the entire litter is smashing. We very nearly ended up coming away with two of the devils.

I tell you now, nine seven-week-old boxer pups running riot around your house looks like bloomin' great fun. Totally exhausting, but still great fun for as long as you can manage it.

Spud slept pretty much the entire journey home, he can chuffin' sleep through anything at the moment. He woke up just as we approached home, and started spuddying about. First thing we did was let him out into the garden for a whizz, which he did, but he wasn't for crimping-off a stool just yet. He seemed to be a bit chilly outside too so we all came back indoors and gave him a bowl of foods. He's currently on Pedigree Puppy Pouches, so we gave him half of one of those, and mixed in a scoop of the posh Taste of the Wild super-duper special puppy grub we've decided to feed him. Flippin' 'eck, you'd think he'd never eaten. What a bloody greedy-guts, he likes his snap I'll tell you that.

Following dinner we watched him like a hawk, and he was a good lad. As soon as the turtle's head was emerging he ran to the back door, he nearly curled it down in the conservatory but I managed to get him outside into the garden in time, so so far so good.

Then it was playtime, I do all the rough-housing in our house so I went a couple of rounds with the little monster. Spud favours the classic ear-biting, and also attacking the back of the head and neck. I let him get the best of me for a while, before showing him who's boss.

We had bacon butties for our dinner, so I saved the little chap a few scraps. I think he knew the moment the bacon hit the frying pan, and he got a nose-full of the best smell he'd ever experienced in his short life, that he had hit pay dirt with his new mum and dad.

He soon settled off to sleep, he likes playing with all his new toys in his crate/cage/den/bed whichever you want to call it, but he wasn't keen on sleeping in it alone just yet. So he's up here with us, curled up on @Ck's knee.

I've updated the album, just go here for a load more images: Earl's Album: Spud the Dog

earl albums spud dog picture5325 spud pest -

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  1. timey's Avatar
    Yep, spuddy will be the most spoilt little critter alive, the lucky little devil.
  2. A_B's Avatar
    Aww, Spud is absolutely gorgeous. I love the 'Sleepy Spud' photo. He's a very lucky pup to have you two - spoilt on his very first day!
  3. Earl's Avatar
    We've had him exactly a year today.
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