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Finding Spud

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Last month the bottom fell out of our world when my 11-year-old boxer, Noddy left us for the eternal Land of Nod.

I'd never really dwelled on what to do if Noddy ever died, I just carried on regardless in the hope veterinary science would get a chuffin' move on and conquer eternal life. Slackers didn't manage it. But what I had idly considered was not ever getting a boxer again.

Noddy is irreplaceable, so why bother trying? I figured I'd still get another dog if I ever found myself Nod-less, but decided I'd try a different breed. After losing Noddy the house was dreadfully empty, we decided to get another puppy sooner rather than later, but which breed? After a relatively short while researching, it seemed blindingly obvious that no other breed was going to come anywhere close as a substitute to a boxer. I think the main thing I learnt from the research was that I'm not really a dog person, and never was. I'm a 'nod' person. I like noddy-dogs, boxers. And furthermore, I like noddy-dogs with little nodules, not proper waggy-tails. A noddy needs to have a nodule, it's his power-centre, the little stubby tail is a critical feature on a boxer. Its constant oscillation at an incredibly high rate actually vibrates atoms to pieces and is the nuclear power which energises noddy-dogs and their constant noddying about.

So, the search began, the hunt for Spud. We decided on the name Spud very early on, as our search revealed that legally docked noddy-dogs were still available, if imported from the Emerald Isle. Armed with that knowledge we racked our brains for a good, strong Irish name.

But this was beginning to look tricky, any imported noddy from Ireland was likely to already be a good few months old. And we wouldn't get to see the puppy's parents, which is kind of like buying a secondhand car without even kicking the blimmin' tyres. The last thing I want is a dodgy noddy, one that grows to the size of a Great Dane or something daft like that. Turns out to be crossed with a Staffie, or worse.

Well it seems my devilish good luck held up, there are bobtail boxers which are born with little stumpy nodules, and there was a litter of nine born in Stockport on 11th January that just came up for sale! We have been refreshing the classifieds almost constantly and saw these pups come up for sale the very minute the advert was uploaded. We were there the next day (today) and had the pick of the litter.

We saw both parents, and they were both very handsome animals. The dam actually looked very similar to Noddy, the sire was quite a sturdy fella, looked like a right brute, but brilliant boxer temperament. And all nine pups were fantastic.

Some were born with tails, some have little stumpy bobtails and others just have half-tails or short tails. The boy we picked has a diddy little nodule, he's all red with a black mask and just a bit of white on his chinnygan.

So that was it, quest over. He's just five weeks old, so we have to wait another fortnight until we can bring him home. I'm certain he's going to be a little star. Check out the photos here: Earl's Album: Spud the Dog

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Spud the Dog


  1. Nic's Avatar
    Im so sorry Earl and Ck! I totally missed that Noddy had passed and Im so so sad, but I think Spud looks amazing and I'm so glad you found him.. I reckon Noddy was guiding you x
  2. A_B's Avatar
    Aww, he's gorgeous!
  3. Earl's Avatar
    Just read the pedigree bloodline and Spud is related to Noddy!
  4. A_B's Avatar
    What relation is he to Noddy?
  5. Earl's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by A_B
    What relation is he to Noddy?
    I don't know exactly, but he's got the same bloodline on his mother's side by the looks of it. When I get the full papers I'm going to check exactly.
  6. timey's Avatar
    Just got round to reading this. Glad you came to the decision to get another boxer - that little fella looks lovely. I'm sure he'll be a worthy successor to the old fella.
  7. CambCelt's Avatar
    Good stuff, Earl.

    I'm well chuffed for you & Ck.
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