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Community forum updates

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Well, following the recent updates made to the forum software I'm faced with the task of adjusting, editing and customising it all so it looks the nod's bollocks.

I've decided that the homepage content portal will be used primarily to promote the forums and also explain and instruct new or potential members how everything works.

Anyone who would like to help out can write a simple and short but concise article explaining how a forum function, such as posting an image, works. Include plenty of screenshots and images to help explain things as clearly as possible. That's what I'll be doing from now on. I'm going to create a section of the publishing suite entitled the 'manual' and will post articles giving clear instructions on everything from making replying to a post to uploading an avatar.

Another section will be all about the Morningstarr* community, and forums in general. I know how people on forums love talking about life on forums, so that is what we shall do. I want articles about how brill it is on here, but also articles on forums and forum life in general. You know the kind of thing, like those daft stereotyping articles which label people as stalkers, trolls, brown-nosers, etc...

We could do with letting people who think that Facebook and Twitter are practically the internet know how much better forums are, and why they should join one. This one.

And, thanks to Timey's smashing article on Google's privacy policy there will also be a section on the 'internerd' as a whole, with social networking a main feature I hope.

The recent upset over some blinkety-blimey mySQL injection is thankfully over. Security measures have been improved and that situation will also be monitored more closely.

I hope the new blogging platform will become a welcome feature of the forum, it all adds to the fun of being a member here.

So, that's today's blog on the running of the forum. Be sure to check out the homepage to see the marvellous welcome message I have spent all chuffin' morning making.

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  1. Major Starbold's Avatar
    I am grateful and pleased you managed to sort things out Earl, mind you, you did have my full confidence.
    The best thing I can do is keep out of your hair and just post.

    I will watch your blog with interest.
  2. syl1's Avatar
    What actually IS a "blog"?

    I like the forum's even easy for me to follow.
  3. Earl's Avatar
    Well blog is short for 'web log' and is basically a personal journal. People use them for all sorts of different reasons though.
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