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  • 13-year-old arrested for serial bestiality

    A 13-year-old schoolboy has been arrested for raping practically anything that moves, including calfs, goats, chickens and even his younger sister.

    The unnamed child and his parents were arrested by cops in the Suna West constituency of Kenya earlier this week. The police swooped on the boy’s home after classmates found him balls-deep in a juvenile cow, and his parents failed to act. Police decided prompt action must be taken when it emerged the young lad was a habitual animal abuser who occasionally raped his six-year-old sister. The youngster’s appetite for animal sex has even resulted in a number of fatalities.

    “Our preliminary investigation established he mounts goats, sheep and calves and killed three chicken through his unnatural act” police assistant chief Barack Ogaja told local press.

    Barack’s boss, Alfred Makoma, confirmed the disturbing crimes and revealed that the boy would undergo psychiatric evaluation before standing trial.

    “We have already written to a government psychiatrist who will carry out the analysis before we seek any legal action.” Makoma said.
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