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  • Indian man saved from elephantiasis of the scrotum

    A 66-year-old man from Mumbai has been saved from the discomfort, shame and horror of a grossly disfigured and bloated testicle sack.
    Mr M Golve was forced to live like a recluse in his village after his reproductive gland ballooned to five times it’s normal size around a year ago. As Mr Golve’s genitals grew larger and larger the poor man was embarrassed to leave his home, and towards the end he had great difficulty walking with a ballbag like a space hopper between his legs.

    The cause of Mr Golve’s extremely swollen gonads and penis was a parasitic worm of the family Filarioidea. The worms enter the body and then occupy the lymphatic system, this causes the horrific swelling which makes the host’s skin resemble that of an elephant’s, hence the term elephantiasis. The parts of the body effected by the parasite depends on which species of filarial worm has invaded the host. Although elephantiasis is fairly common in India, the worm which specifically effects the scrotum sack is actually quite rare in the area.

    That was bad news for Mr Golve as doctors had less experience dealing with the condition. Eventually the time came when Mr Golve’s tallywhacker became so enlarged and distorted that the urinary passage was blocked off, meaning the old man could no longer pee. When this happened Mr Golve had no other option than gird up his loins and seek medical assistance. The result was unsatisfactory though, all doctors did for Mr Golve was cut a hole in his abdomen and insert a catheter so he could relieve himself through a plastic tube. Mr Golve had to waddle back home with his bollocks still the size of large grapefruit.

    Now thankfully after months and months of suffering in silence, hiding away from society because of his disfigurement Mr Golve has received the treatment he required and his genitals are now reduced to their normal size and able to pass water.

    Surgeons at Masina Hospital decided the condition was treatable and set about chopping up Mr Golve’s chopper and removing the excess skin tissue.

    “We treated him for filaria for two weeks and with medication his scrotum shrunk quite a bit even before the surgery,” Dr Bomi Pardiwalla told the Times of India.

    “The challenge was to look for his organ, which was hidden under thick skin and mass. Then, we created an opening in the urinary passage so he could pass urine normally and not with a catheter,” the surgeon explained.

    “About 80% of the thick skin was gently removed and the remaining skin was used to cover the penis,”

    In total Mr Golve required three operations over a period of seven days, one was to drain a few pints of fluid from his scrotum. Mr Golve is now back home and hasn’t even required any post-op care.
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