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  1. Graduation day!

    Spud's only gone and graduated his puppy school with flying colours.

    I have to admit I've been very pleasantly surprised at just how well he's done. He was top of the class most weeks, one of only four to not drop out before the end, and the only one to have attended every week. And he did really well.

    I was fully expecting him to just fuck about every week being a complete pest and never doing as he's told. I expected ...
  2. Spud the Good

    earl albums spud dog picture5388 spud back door -

    Spud's being an absolute joy these past few days. Obviously like any puppy he's had his moments of being a little pest, but we're having no trouble with his basic training.

    Top of the list is house training, I really have no patience for dirty messes around the house. Fortunately even though Spud is only very young (9 weeks) he's doing remarkably well potty-wise. We've ...
    Spud the Dog
  3. My week with Spud

    So, week one is over. We survived a full seven days and nights with the little terror!

    So far so good, by most accounts. My biggest worry was house training, I'm really not enthusiastic about mopping up piss and cleaning up dog-shit. Fortunately Spud has been really top-banana about the whole potty-training malarkey.

    Obviously we have to keep on top of when we think he might really need to go. He can't open doors, or get down the stairs by himself so we need to make sure ...
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    Spud the Dog