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  1. private slave

    women wants a private slave, here is one !
  2. CMS articles

    I've written another article for the site's homepage now, there's a link to it at the bottom of this post.

    Still having issues with it, the CMS, or content management system. I tried for ages yesterday to get the article to publish, and with no success. I tried again today and found that the problem was from trying to edit the 'SEO URL Alias', which basically means the search engine friendly addresses that it generates automatically.

    Well, at least I've got to the bottom ...
    System admin
  3. Community forum updates

    Well, following the recent updates made to the forum software I'm faced with the task of adjusting, editing and customising it all so it looks the nod's bollocks.

    I've decided that the homepage content portal will be used primarily to promote the forums and also explain and instruct new or potential members how everything works.

    Anyone who would like to help out can write a simple and short but concise article explaining how a forum function, such as posting an image, works. ...
    System admin
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