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  1. Spud conquers the stairs

    Spud has finally managed to climb down the stairs on his own. The little devil has been able to get up them since he first arrived, but was too scared to climb down them. This meant one of us had to carry him whenever he needed to have a piss or crimp one off, and if we didn't he'd leave a spuddle of urine at the top of the stairs to teach us a lesson.

    Anyway now he has no excuse, he's got full access to all the house ...
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    Spud the Dog
  2. Scottish Independence - Money Worries

    So, the debate has been hotting up this week, with much discussion over what currency would be used by Scotland if we gained independence. Basically, there are three options:

    1) Use the Euro. Not really a popular one, and no longer favoured even by the SNP.

    2) Set up our own currency. I am not sure what such a currency would be, but apart from the inadvisability of using anything that could be called the "Pound Scots" (which was the old Scottish currency before ...
  3. Spud the Good

    earl albums spud dog picture5388 spud back door -

    Spud's being an absolute joy these past few days. Obviously like any puppy he's had his moments of being a little pest, but we're having no trouble with his basic training.

    Top of the list is house training, I really have no patience for dirty messes around the house. Fortunately even though Spud is only very young (9 weeks) he's doing remarkably well potty-wise. We've ...
    Spud the Dog
  4. My week with Spud

    So, week one is over. We survived a full seven days and nights with the little terror!

    So far so good, by most accounts. My biggest worry was house training, I'm really not enthusiastic about mopping up piss and cleaning up dog-shit. Fortunately Spud has been really top-banana about the whole potty-training malarkey.

    Obviously we have to keep on top of when we think he might really need to go. He can't open doors, or get down the stairs by himself so we need to make sure ...
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    Spud the Dog
  5. Scottish Independence

    So, the Scottish independence debate has been underway for a wee while now, so, with still around 18 months to go until the referendum, I have decided to do some blog posts to keep people updated withe news and views from the campaign. The views in the blog posts themselves wiil, of course, be my own, and I am baised, as you will see. However, anyone can of course take me to task in the comments on any individual post.

    There are of course two campaigns for the referendum. The “Yes” ...
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