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  1. My week with Spud

    So, week one is over. We survived a full seven days and nights with the little terror!

    So far so good, by most accounts. My biggest worry was house training, I'm really not enthusiastic about mopping up piss and cleaning up dog-shit. Fortunately Spud has been really top-banana about the whole potty-training malarkey.

    Obviously we have to keep on top of when we think he might really need to go. He can't open doors, or get down the stairs by himself so we need to make sure ...
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    Spud the Dog
  2. Sleepless with Spuddle

    Been quite busy and tiring since Spud landed on Saturday.

    Due to moving house, and change of diet, etc... Spud has had the shits for a couple of days. That meant that he would need potty about every two hours, including straight through the night. So I've been a bit bloomin' tired.

    Fortunately his tummy seems to have settled down now and last night he slept through most of the night, and I only had to get up twice.

    He visited the vet yesterday for his first ...
    Spud the Dog
  3. The Spud has landed

    earl albums spud dog picture5324 sleepy spud -

    The wait is finally over, and we picked up the little Spud this morning!

    Spud is most definitely the pick of the pups, but the entire litter is smashing. We very nearly ended up coming away with two of the devils.

    I tell you now, nine seven-week-old boxer pups running riot around your house looks like bloomin' great fun. Totally exhausting, but still great ...
  4. Finding Spud

    Last month the bottom fell out of our world when my 11-year-old boxer, Noddy left us for the eternal Land of Nod.

    I'd never really dwelled on what to do if Noddy ever died, I just carried on regardless in the hope veterinary science would get a chuffin' move on and conquer eternal life. Slackers didn't manage it. But what I had idly considered was not ever getting a boxer again.

    Noddy is irreplaceable, so why bother trying? I figured I'd still get another dog if I ever ...
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    Spud the Dog
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