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  1. Dr. David Tennant

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    Earlier today he was awarded with an honourary degree in drama by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland.

    David Tennant awarded honorary degree in Glasgow - BBC News

    DAVID TENNANT NEWS FROM WWW.DAVID-TENNANT.COM: PHOTOS & VIDEO: David Tennant Receives Honorary Degree From The Royal Conservatoire Of Scotland

    DAVID TENNANT NEWS FROM WWW.DAVID-TENNANT.COM: VIDEO: David Tennant On Being Humbled By Honorary Degree
  2. Spud's Christmas party

    Because Spud and his classmates finished their exams last week, this week they had a Christmas party! The lower class, or remedials were also invited.

    Well we had a chuffin' smashing time, there were games to be played, trouble to get into, and best of all Father Christmas arrived!

    To begin with we had a game of musical chairs, which Spud finished last, or went out first. Afterwards I thought we maybe could have tried harder, by shoving people out of the way. Next game ...
    Spud the Dog
  3. Spud's progress

    I'm ashamed to admit I haven't been updating Spud's blog, or his website, for yonks.

    You can keep up with the little bugger's exploits on Facebook or Twitter though.

    Well looking back the last post I made was to announce Spud had passed his puppy class! The puppy class is really quite basic training and I think it's perhaps more geared towards just socialising your puppy. I think what I mean to say is, they're all winners, I don't think you can actually fail puppy school. ...
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    Spud the Dog
  4. Graduation day!

    Spud's only gone and graduated his puppy school with flying colours.

    I have to admit I've been very pleasantly surprised at just how well he's done. He was top of the class most weeks, one of only four to not drop out before the end, and the only one to have attended every week. And he did really well.

    I was fully expecting him to just fuck about every week being a complete pest and never doing as he's told. I expected ...
  5. Cake Pops ~ for Virgins

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    Until yesterday I was a virgin cake pop maker. I had been contemplating making them for a while but I had heard that they were quite a faff to make, which put me off.

    Before I even began to gather my ingredients I researched the ins and outs of what was involved. I read umpteen blogs, a handful of foodie forum threads and one or two websites aimed at chocolatiers.

    So, armed with a headful of newly acquired knowledge I began my quest to make the perfect pop cake first
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