View Full Version : WWE Fuckin sucks now

26-07-2008, 00:17
i have the truth why

Cena, MVP, Carlito, Batista, and new wrestlers sucks

the WWF charity screwed World Wrestling Federation

they have to change their name to WWE which hater fans pronounce it Worst Wrestling Ever, there are no fucking backstage fights, no popular wrestlers get a mic time, The current WWE belt is a TOY, cena ruined it! The WWE have to blur this logo (http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/9567/wwflogomz9.jpg) off of DVD's and Dub over copyright music which is GAY! nothing can happen in WWE which is a total fuckin lie

WWE Brands is fucked,

this wrestler (http://img401.imageshack.us/img401/8127/wwf2520bret2520hartderoya0.jpg)got screwed by the confused owner of the WWE.

and WWE screwed the hart family!

thats all!

26-07-2008, 00:29
There's a whole reason behind the Screwjob. I believe Bret has made it up with McMahon now.

Earl Hebner did the screwjobbing and Karma bit him on the arse when he illegally sold WWE merchandise.

I don't think Bret and Shawn will ever make it up. HBK, born again or not, will always be an arsehole. I loved the match with Jericho/HBK at the Bash.