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  1. The Otherworld
  2. Faith healers
  3. Spooky.
  4. Spiritualists...
  5. Loch Ness Monster
  6. Stop Alien abductions
  7. My Ghostly Experiences
  8. Ghost of Suri riddle solved
  9. Glimpse of ghost starts speculation
  10. UFO Sighting in Poland
  11. Ghost Caught on Video
  12. Dreaming
  13. James Randi
  14. Voices From Hell: real or not
  15. TV Ghost
  16. Monsters!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Doppelgangers
  18. Ghost Car
  19. Weird pictures
  20. Spontaneous Human Invisibility
  21. UFO Sightings
  22. Dean Warwick reveals the anti christ!!!
  23. Evil Artwork - The curse of The Crying Boy.
  24. Do dogs ever want to commit suicide?
  25. Ghost or reflection
  26. Morningstar Spots UFO
  27. Guardian Angels
  28. The Wizard Of Alderly Edge
  29. The sixth sense
  30. Ever Seen Anything Unexplained?
  31. Paranormal show
  32. Paradigm Clock - When the world changes!
  33. Holiday on the Extra Terrestrial Highway
  34. The Cult Of Scientology
  35. When in doubt, blame Satan?
  36. They Walk Among Us
  37. Honey Badger
  38. The footprint under the table.
  39. Sleep Paralysis
  40. Killer Whales
  41. Pushme-pullyou Mustelidae Discovered!
  42. I had a dream...........
  43. Time Travel
  44. Ghosts
  45. Bunny Spirit Guide
  46. Do you ever feel..
  47. The Mara Gamiel site
  48. Weird flames of John Paul
  49. Bigfoot ~ *New Video*
  50. Ghosts on london underground!
  51. God's Frequently Asked Questions.
  52. Ghost hunts
  53. UFOs
  54. Video Footage of a Unicorn!
  55. Skeleton of a Giant Unearthed in India.
  56. Spooky
  57. UFO spotted above Cornwall
  58. Is Everyone Psychic?
  59. Ghost of Woman seen at Belfast Funeral Home window
  60. Dozens in Texas Town Report Seeing UFO
  61. Going mad, or?
  62. Creepy Gnome on the loose in South America.
  63. Transplant Changes Woman's Personality
  64. UFO information goes public
  65. I love being asleep.
  66. More UFO Bollocks!!! Whats a Paradigm?
  67. A Spooky Ghost Story
  68. UFO's in London
  69. Sally Ann Bowman, Psychics!
  70. Video Proof Of Alien Visitors
  71. Nostradamus vs. Dawkins
  72. Owen Hart Ghost sightings
  73. UFO Spotted In Worthing
  74. Another UFO This Time In Somerset
  75. More UFOs!!!
  76. Yet another UFO
  77. Britain's Closest Encounters
  78. Hunting For Wildmen
  79. Astronomer dismisses talk of aliens visiting Earth from outer space
  80. Welsh UFO Was The Moon
  81. I've been thinking a lot about aliens.
  82. Aliens May Be Controlling Our Weather
  83. UFO Photographed Over Norfolk
  84. Strange Photo...
  85. Bigfoot Spotted In Canada
  86. Nigerian Voodoo Scandal
  87. Aberdeen Ghostbusters
  88. Black Magic During Solar Eclipse
  89. Leprechaun Alien
  90. Chupacabra Mystery Solved
  91. Hunters Catch Bigfoot
  92. Himalayan Yeti Hunt
  93. Caveman Roams Stafford Countryside
  94. Spectre spotted in schoolboy's snaps.
  95. December 21 2012
  96. Winged Cats
  97. Beast of Cannock Chase
  98. Paranormal Research In Dudley
  99. The Stronsay Beast
  100. Alien baby on tape.
  101. Fleet Of UFOs
  102. Noel Edmonds' Glowing Orbs
  103. Residents Flee "Haunted" Mansion
  104. UFOs 'have been here since 1947'
  105. What have UFO's, Alien Abductions and Tina Turner all got in common?
  106. Japanese team finds 'yeti footprints' in Nepal
  107. UFO encounter described by Italian pilot
  108. Halloween plea to pardon British witches presented to Jack Straw
  109. What if they aren't humanoid?
  110. Clairvoyant banned from claiming she can cure all ills because she cannot prove it
  111. Meteor sighting in Alberta, Canada
  112. Mystery Lights Over The Midlands
  113. Blood Drinker
  114. Predicted Whitehouse Kidnapping?
  115. Wind Turbine Damaged By Aliens?
  116. UFO Photographed In Lutterworth
  117. UFO Fly By During Obama Inauguration
  118. 'Surgical Spirit' Spooks Hospital
  119. UFO filmed above Somerset coastline by holidaymakers
  120. Ancient legend of Satan's visit reawakened by footprints in the snow
  121. 'Vampire' discovered in Italy
  122. is this ever gonna be true?
  123. Own A Piece Of History
  124. Jamaican Bigfoot?
  125. Australian Bigfoot!!!!!!!!!
  126. The Beast of Gum Hill
  127. Bizarre Creature Photographed In The Middle East
  128. Kazakhstan Build Embassy For Aliens
  129. Paranormal Group Receive Lottery Funding
  130. 'Alien skull' spotted on Mars
  131. Channel Creature
  132. UFO Filmed Near Moscow
  133. Black Magic In Malaysia
  134. Big Cat Spotted In Norfolk
  135. Another Russian UFO
  136. UFO Mothership Filmed In Pakistan
  137. Does the Coronation Street set....
  138. More Strange Goings On At Cannock Chase
  139. UFO Photographed In London
  140. Witch Doctor Decapitates Dead Grandmother
  141. Eurovision Singer Was Abducted By Aliens
  142. Ghosts Blamed For School Absence
  143. A Museum Ghost
  144. Were doomed
  145. Big Cat Killed Cattle
  146. UFO pictured over Cardiff
  147. Some interesting ghost photos
  148. Weird Weekend 2009
  149. Midget alien found in Pakistan
  150. how...
  151. Black Magic Grave Robbers
  152. Result Of A Yowie Attack ~ *Graphic Images*
  153. North American Lake Monster Caught On Video
  154. The Jellyfish Crop Circle
  155. Is this really a ghost?
  156. Raelians Plan To Build UFOland In Las Vegas
  157. George Clooney Talks To Dead Pig
  158. Am I secretly being inducted in to some kind of cult via the medium of the internet?
  159. Michael Jackson Faked Death To Escape With Aliens
  160. The Ark of the Covenant Is In Ethiopia
  161. "Three Men And A Baby" Ghost...?
  162. Ring UFOs
  163. Dreaming about dead relatives
  164. Michael Jackson's Ghost Caught On Tape At Neverland!
  165. Aliens In Suffolk
  166. Naked Witch Caught Sucking Teenagers Breasts
  167. Aliens Filmed In Spain
  168. UFO's in Sunderland?
  169. Spate Of Big Cat Sightings
  170. Jews Offer A Million For Proof Of Mermaid
  171. UFO Filmed In Buenos Aires
  172. UFO Abducts Aeroplane
  173. Unusual sighting in Glasgow
  174. Aliens made 600 visits to the UK in a single year.
  175. UFO Spotted In Russia ~ Great Photo
  176. Nessie on Google Earth
  177. The Flying Monk
  178. Big Cat Sighting In The Lake District
  179. Yeti Filmed In Poland
  180. Polish Yeti Spotted Again!
  181. Chupacabra Remains Found In Texas ~ Video
  182. Faun Born In Zimbabwe
  183. Google's gone all Aliens
  184. Hunt For The Indonesian Yeti
  185. Backyard Bigfoot
  186. The Croydon Fairy
  187. The Girl Who Cries Blood
  188. Weird Creature Killed In Panama
  189. Strange craft seen over Iran...
  190. Bunch Of People In Ireland Claim To Have Seen Statue of The Virgin Mary Weep
  191. Winchester Councillor Spots Alien
  192. Meteoric Fireball filmed in Ontario, Canada
  193. "Devil in Flower Arrangement" Illusion
  194. Black Jesus Is A Demon
  195. Nature Shock: Death Fog
  196. UFO Footage From Brazil
  197. Mystery dream man
  198. I found a chuffin voodoo doll in my hoover
  199. Weird Jesus sightings
  200. Bigfoot Spotted In Texas
  201. Bigfoot Caught On Camera In Minnesota
  202. Panther Filmed In Herefordshire
  203. UFO Filmed Over Russia
  204. The Sydenham Beast
  205. Marblehead Neck Monster
  206. Demon Cat Could Be A Chupacabras
  207. Bic Cat Paw Prints Found In Kent
  208. Bigfoot Caught On Camera Again
  209. Piles Of Chickens Found Drained Of Blood
  210. The Beast Of Cannock Chase Spotted
  211. This portrait of "The Brown Lady" ghost is arguably
  212. Alien Filmed In Australia
  213. UFO Footage From China
  214. Medusa Found In Malaysia
  215. Close Encounter of the Third Kind In Exmouth
  216. Ghost Photographed In Wales
  217. Bloke Finds Weird Animal In His Garden
  218. Raining Fish
  219. What A Lying Twat
  220. Live Chupacabras Caught
  221. UFO Filmed Over China
  222. Children Attacked By Hairy Sex Dwarf
  223. Woman Impregnated By Dolphin
  224. Flying Saucer Filmed Above China
  225. Easter Stigmata
  226. Daylight UFO Filmed In Kazakhstan
  227. Sheep Mutilation in Shropshire
  228. New Six and a Half Foot Lizard Discovered
  229. ghosts caught on tape
  230. Video: UFO Chased Down The M5 By RAF Jets
  231. 20% Of People Believe Aliens Walk Among Us
  232. Another Pyramid UFO Over Moscow
  233. Man Beheads Wife For Being An Aswang
  234. What about magic?
  235. Italian Woman Has Aborted Alien Hybrid Foetus
  236. Stephen Hawking warns over making contact with aliens
  237. As a kid...
  238. Bloke In India Has Lived For 74 Years Without Food Or Water
  239. Have you slept in a "haunted" house?
  240. Demons/Angels?
  241. Russian Hunters Save Bigfoot From Drowning
  242. May is Zombie Awareness Month
  243. The Loch Ness Monster Is A Ghost
  244. The Sun Punk'd With Ghost Hoax
  245. Russian regional chief under fire 'for meeting aliens'
  246. Practical Mind Control Protection for Paranoids
  247. Walking on Water
  248. The 'Illuminati'
  249. African Lion Running Loose In Scottish Countryside
  250. Alien Filmed In Garden Shed