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Thread: The Beast from the East

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    He is the Brute squad!

    Does he hang about with a Spaniard and a Sicilian? And speak in rhymes?
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    Default Re: The Beast from the East

    He has to. With great power comes a great responsability to talk silly.
    "The only unnatural act, is the one that cannot be preformed." - William Burroughs
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    Default Re: The Beast from the East

    I bet he's a lovely bloke really.
    The Angels Have the Phone Box

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    Default Re: The Beast from the East

    Valuev is heading to Siberia to hunt down the Yeti!

    Nikolai Valuev set for yeti search in Siberia: Russian boxer joins abominable snowman hunt | Mail Online

    But the Mail seem to be behind the times, according to Weekly World News, Valuev not only found the Yeti, he's punched it in the face!

    Well, he found him. Valuev reportedly spotted the Yeti, chased him down and punched him. ”But the beast just took my punch and… ran off,” said Valuev,
    “At least, I know he is real. I’ve punched him. That’s real.”

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