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  1. Daily Mail The Queen uses a train

    Started by Earl, 09-02-2016 19:04
    book, class, fucking, goat, horse, london, online, poo, rain, security, shit, show, sport, teeth, train, transport, travel
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    17-02-2016 12:23
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  2. BBC Clarkson / Top Gear

    Started by CambCelt, 11-03-2015 19:24
    2014, age, alternative, arse, attack, baker, big, bit, bloody, bollocks, book, boots, camera, car, cars, celebrity, charge, chat, cia, comedy, cool, daughter, earl, entertainment, event, face, family, father, food, format, fuck, fucker, fucking, game, giant, goat, guardian, hamster, han, haven, head, hose, hospital, hot, hotel, images, james may, jeremy clarkson, live, lob-on, london, magazine, march, men, mentalist, mention, nature, office, pain, people, perry, petrol, pictures, pissing, plane, presenter, programme, punch, punched, rack, richard hammond, round, sacked, second hand, show, single, sky, slag, small, sport, sunday, tasks, test, time, tits, top gear, tract, transport, travel, turd, twat, urn, wall, wanker, wee, white, women
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    22-06-2015 23:39
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    28-01-2015 20:07
    by Earl  Go to last post
  3. What are you eating?

    Started by Jules, 11-01-2012 18:30
    2011, age, animal, animals, apple, arse, bacon, bad, baked, baked beans, balls, banana, bananas, baps, beans, beef, beer, bell, belly, bid, big, biggest, birmingham, birthday, bit, black, bloody, boa, boat, bog, bog roll, bowling, bra, bread, breast, bright, british, broccoli, brown, buns, burger, burn, burnt, cake, cakes, car, case, cat, celery, chat, cheating, cheese, chicken, chilli, chippy, chips, chocolate, chop, chopped, chorizo, cock, coffee, cook, couple, cream, cucumber, curry, curry house, custard, cut, daughter, delicious, diet, digestive, dog, doner, drink, drinking, driving, drunk, duck, earl, eat, eaten, eating, egg, eggs, expensive, eye, fair, family, fat, fear, fibre, figure, finest, fish, fit, food, foot, france, free, fries, fringe, frozen, fruit, fruity, fucking, garden, gay, giant, ginger, girlfriend, glass, goat, gravy, great, green, gut, half, han, haven, healthy, hen, honey, hose, hot, hot dog, hotel, house, huge, hummus, husband, ice, ice cream, images, india, inside, intake, jerk, joy, kebab, ketchup, kids, knob, lamb, large, legs, light, linda, love, lovely, lucky, magazine, man, manchester, mature, max, mayonnaise, meat, medium, melting, milk, mushroom, nice, nut, online, orange, pack, pea, pee, peppers, photo, photos, pickle, pictures, pie, pitta, pizza, pork, potato, powder, present, pretty, princess, pub, pudding, puke, raw, read, red, register, rifle, ripped, round, running, salad, sandwich, sausage, scissors, sell, shame, shat, short, shot, skinny, small, smashed, smoothie, special, sticky, strawberry, strip, stuffed, suffering, sunday, super, superb, supermarket, sweet, swiss, talking, tasty, test, thick, time, today, tongue, total, tree, tremendous, uni, user, van, vegetable, video, vintage, watch, water, weave, wee, weird, wife, win, wine, woman, world, worst, wrong, youtube
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    03-01-2019 19:30
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  4. Sticky Thread Sticky: The humour thread

    Started by RichardJacobs, 12-09-2006 22:42
    2009, 2014, age, album, ale, arabia, arm, asian, asphyxiation, assistant, australia, baby, bacon, bad, balls, banana, bat, battery, beat, beaten, beautiful, beer, big, birthday, bit, blind, bloody, boat, bottom, boyfriend, boys, breasts, british, brother, burning, cake, canada, cannabis, car, case, cat, chat, chess, chest, chicken, children, church, class, comic, cook, couple, covered, cream, crushed, death, denmark, difference, divorce, doctor, dog, drug, duck, ear, earl, ears, earthquake, eating, eggs, elderly, elevator, evidence, expensive, eye, eyes, face, facebook, facts, fat, father, fbi, feet, finalists, fine, fleas, flowers, fly, food, football, france, free, fucking, funny, game, gang, germany, girl, girlfriend, glass, glasses, goat, gorgeous, great, great britain, guys, hair, han, handbag, hands, head, health, heart, heating, hen, holland, hose, hot, hotel, house, how to, hunting, husband, ice, ice cream, idiot, image, immigrants, injured, inside, instructions, italy, kid, kidney, kids, kill, large, legged, life, love, magician, man, mara, marathon, married, marry, medium, men, milk, morocco, mother, mouse, nail, naughty, new zealand, norway, nude, nudist, nurse, nursing home, nuts, obama, office, oldest, orgasm, paint, peace, penguin, pens, people, perfect, pet, phone, photo, photographs, photos, pink, pork, price, priest, prisoner, products, racist, raped, rare, read, red, replacement, robbed, russia, saudi, school, scientists, sex, sexy, sheep, shit, shitty, shock, short, shot, sick, single, sitting, small, smell, smoking, song, split, sports, stalking, stool, stroking, student, stunner, suicide, suitcase, sunday, sweden, syria, talking, teeth, television, terrorists, testing, the doctor, thieves, tight, time, today, tree, trick, trousers, urn, vet, video, watch, weather, wee, white, wife, willy, win, wind, wiping, woman, women, wonderful, words, world, young, youtube
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    06-03-2020 23:37
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  5. 13-year-old arrested for serial bestiality

    Published by Earl, 22-10-2013 18:51 Categories: Weird World  Tags: abuser  animal  animal sex  bestiality  calf  chicken  child  cow  goat  rape  raped  raping  sheep  unnatural act 
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  6. South African goat rapist arrested

    Started by Earl, 30-08-2011 19:58
    goat, rapist
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    31-08-2011 03:27
    by rolemodel286  Go to last post
  7. 11-year-old in bestiality scandal

    Started by Earl, 12-08-2011 21:30
    bestiality, chicken, fucking, goat, shagging
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    • Views: 2,354
    18-08-2011 13:17
    by sweeny todd  Go to last post
  8. Suspected mutton molester arrested

    Started by Earl, 26-07-2011 21:39
    goat, molester, mutton, raping, Rasta, she-goat
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    26-07-2011 21:39
    by Earl  Go to last post
  9. Goat sex all the rage in Malawi

    Started by Earl, 29-06-2011 22:11
    goat, Malawi, manhood, naked, rape, semen, sex, underpants, vagina
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    29-06-2011 22:11
    by Earl  Go to last post
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    20-04-2011 21:20
    by lohi1  Go to last post
  10. Killer goat

    Started by Earl, 18-10-2010 20:55
    goat, gored, killed, killer
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    18-10-2010 20:55
    by Earl  Go to last post
  11. Seven legged goat

    Started by Earl, 10-07-2010 20:51
    goat, seven legged
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    • Views: 830
    10-07-2010 20:56
    by Victor29  Go to last post
    • Replies: 3
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    16-06-2010 03:39
    by cat9tails  Go to last post
  12. Spider Goat

    Started by cat9tails, 19-05-2010 08:24
    DNA, goat, spider
    • Replies: 2
    • Views: 1,627
    19-05-2010 10:10
    by CambCelt  Go to last post
  13. Texan Arrested For Goat Buggering

    Started by Earl, 09-03-2010 21:17
    buggerer, buggering, bumming, goat, Osama Malik
    • Replies: 19
    • Views: 4,069
    12-03-2010 16:25
    by CambCelt  Go to last post
  14. 82 Year Old Charged With Goat Rape

    Started by Earl, 11-01-2010 20:57
    goat, rape
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    • Views: 1,113
    11-01-2010 21:40
    by Ck  Go to last post
  15. Two Headed Goat

    Started by Earl, 09-01-2010 20:55
    goat, two headed
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    • Views: 893
    09-01-2010 20:55
    by Earl  Go to last post
  16. Faun Born In Zimbabwe

    Started by Earl, 03-09-2009 18:25
    bestiality, faun, goat, hybrid, mutant, Zimbabwe
    • Replies: 10
    • Views: 3,758
    07-02-2010 17:29
    by BRITBIRD  Go to last post
    • Replies: 10
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    23-07-2009 04:18
    by Kelly  Go to last post
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