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  1. Sausage Party

    Started by A_B, 16-03-2016 10:44
    daughter, sausage, trailer, video, youtube
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    16-03-2016 21:38
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  2. Christmas meet up!

    Started by A_B, 15-07-2015 19:39
    aberdeen, age, airport, amazing, attack, bad, bag, bath, bathroom, beautiful, big, birthday, bit, black, boa, boat, book, boots, boxer, boys, brain, british, bugger, bummer, cake, camera, car, cars, case, charge, chat, cheese, child, china, chocolate, coffee, company, couple, crap, credit card, dark, dates, daughter, double, dress, drink, ear, earl, easter, eat, eating, edge, event, excellent, expensive, face, family, fat, february, films, fine, fingers, firm, fish, fit, fly, flying, food, forum, france, free, fruit, fucking, fur, game, gay, gifts, girls, gland, gloucester, google, gorgeous, great, gut, guys, half, han, handbag, hang, hanging, hard, hate, haven, head, heels, hen, hilton, honey, hose, hot, hotel, house, husband, ice, images, informed, joy, kids, lady, lancashire, life, lift, light, list, live, london, love, lovely, lucky, mad, magazine, manchester, member, members, men, mental, mention, menu, mobile, money, nasty, nervous, nice, nightmare, number, numbers, nut, nutter, oddball, office, oops, pack, package, pain, people, petrol, phone, photo, picture, pissing, plane, plastic, pool, present, pretty, price, prices, prostitute, pudding, pull, puppy, radar, rain, raining, read, reply, return, road, rotten, round, sausage, saving, school, seat, security, september, shit, shock, shocking, shoe, short, shorts, shower, single, sitting, skinny, skirt, sleep, small, smashing, snoring, socks, sport, squeeze, straight, strange, stuck, style, sunday, super, talking, tardis, taxi, the edge, thick, time, today, total, touch, traffic, tramps, transport, travel, tree, trousers, turtle, underwear, uni, urn, user, video, wall, war, warning, watch, weather, wee, weird, wet, white, wife, win, wind, wine, wrong, youtube
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    28-12-2015 00:29
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  3. What's in your pillow?

    Started by A_B, 23-04-2015 19:05
    bad, boobies, boyfriend, bra, brand, cleavage, ernest, face, fibre, france, free, head, hose, husband, johansson, man, monica bellucci, neck, pillows, rants, ripped, sausage, scarlett johansson, sleep, to be honest
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    25-04-2015 14:41
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  4. What's your favourite battered fish?

    Started by Earl, 20-03-2015 01:04
    ate, bat, bit, chippy, cook, ear, earl, eat, fish, fishy, flesh, han, hen, hot, husband, ice, jumbo, love, lovely, man, nice, pregnant, sausage, straight, time, twat, user
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    26-03-2015 18:16
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  5. Malta

    Started by A_B, 12-01-2015 19:36
    2013, age, airport, amazing, beautiful, beauty, bit, boots, bottom, british, burger, capital, car park, carnival, cars, cheese, chicken, chips, commons, couple, court, dark, dead, delicious, dirty, drink, eating, europe, fingers, fish, food, france, fucking, fur, green, half, han, hanging, head, healthy, hen, history, hose, india, italy, japanese, kat, kid, legs, life, live, love, lovely, mad, meat, men, mention, moan, natural, package, pain, people, perfect, photos, picture, pizza, plane, puke, road, sausage, shame, slice, statue, strange, strip, stunning, sunday, swear, tasty, time, today, travel, turkey, user, watch, water, wee, weird, white, win, windows
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    15-02-2015 21:00
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  6. Creature Aggressive Nazi cows are sausaged

    Started by CambCelt, 05-01-2015 19:33
    2009, aggressive, ate, attack, british, cows, cut, farmer, gene, half, image, kill, sausage, urn
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    05-01-2015 19:33
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    09-12-2014 23:06
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  7. Artery cloggers

    Started by Ben, 27-12-2008 14:31
    amazing, bacon, banana, bit, bread, butcher, delicious, doughnuts, egg, food, gravy, inside, ketchup, massive, mouth, pea, peanut butter, pictures, pie, recipe, sausage, strange, stuffed, user, wrong
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    27-03-2015 09:46
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  8. Josie Cunningham

    Started by Major Starbold, 20-04-2014 14:26
    abortion, abuse, autobiography, baby, bad, birth, boob, boob-job, boobs, book, bra, branding, brilliant, creature, cuts, daughter, deals, drinking, earl, forum, fucking, funny, game, girl, han, hands, honey, hot, knockers, legs, lips, lipstick, live, magical, members, model, naked, online, people, picture, pregnant, puke, sausage, school, sell, sex, sex abuse, show, smoking, tickets, tits, topless, war, warts, watch, white, wind
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    27-01-2016 17:51
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  9. National Hot Dog Day

    Started by Earl, 22-07-2014 19:00
    2011, ale, blog, buns, chilli, commons, cool, dog, dogs, earl, foot, han, hands, hot, hot dog, hot dogs, ketchup, sandwich, sausage, small, special, tart, video, watch, wiener, youtube
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    24-07-2014 17:00
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  10. What are you eating?

    Started by Jules, 11-01-2012 18:30
    2011, age, animal, animals, apple, arse, bacon, bad, baked, baked beans, balls, banana, bananas, baps, beans, beef, beer, bell, belly, bid, big, biggest, birmingham, birthday, bit, black, bloody, boa, boat, bog, bog roll, bowling, bra, bread, breast, bright, british, broccoli, brown, buns, burger, burn, burnt, cake, cakes, car, case, cat, celery, chat, cheating, cheese, chicken, chilli, chippy, chips, chocolate, chop, chopped, chorizo, cock, coffee, cook, couple, cream, cucumber, curry, curry house, custard, cut, daughter, delicious, diet, digestive, dog, doner, drink, drinking, driving, drunk, duck, earl, eat, eaten, eating, egg, eggs, expensive, eye, fair, family, fat, fear, fibre, figure, finest, fish, fit, food, foot, france, free, fries, fringe, frozen, fruit, fruity, fucking, garden, gay, giant, ginger, girlfriend, glass, goat, gravy, great, green, gut, half, han, haven, healthy, hen, honey, hose, hot, hot dog, hotel, house, huge, hummus, husband, ice, ice cream, images, india, inside, intake, jerk, joy, kebab, ketchup, kids, knob, lamb, large, legs, light, linda, love, lovely, lucky, magazine, man, manchester, mature, max, mayonnaise, meat, medium, melting, milk, mushroom, nice, nut, online, orange, pack, pea, pee, peppers, photo, photos, pickle, pictures, pie, pitta, pizza, pork, potato, powder, present, pretty, princess, pub, pudding, puke, raw, read, red, register, rifle, ripped, round, running, salad, sandwich, sausage, scissors, sell, shame, shat, short, shot, skinny, small, smashed, smoothie, special, sticky, strawberry, strip, stuffed, suffering, sunday, super, superb, supermarket, sweet, swiss, talking, tasty, test, thick, time, today, tongue, total, tree, tremendous, uni, user, van, vegetable, video, vintage, watch, water, weave, wee, weird, wife, win, wine, woman, world, worst, wrong, youtube
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    03-01-2019 19:30
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  11. Italians cook the world's longest sausage

    Published by Earl, 21-03-2011 16:22 Categories: Weird World  Tags: Alberto Della Pelle  butcher  longest  meat  sausage 
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  12. Happy Sausage Day 2014

    Started by Earl, 23-05-2014 20:23
    amazing, birthday, couple, earl, eating, forum, great, lovely, members, noddy, pack, picture, sausage
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    23-05-2014 22:16
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  13. Cannibal makes gay faggots

    Started by Earl, 30-08-2011 20:57
    bender, cannibal, chef, faggot, gay, homicidal, sausage
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    07-09-2011 07:13
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  14. Everyone loves a sausage

    Started by Earl, 15-07-2011 08:51
    andouillette, black pudding, bratwurst, chorizo, chouriÁo, droŽwors, farinheira, frankfurter, haggis, kasanka, laap cheong, merguez, morcela, morcilla, salami, Saucisson au Poivre, sausage, thŁringer, weisswurst
    • Replies: 43
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    27-07-2011 21:43
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    • Replies: 5
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    12-07-2011 01:23
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  15. Eat the Devil's Sausage at your own risk

    Started by Earl, 16-04-2011 20:12
    Devil, sausage
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    16-04-2011 20:12
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  16. World's Longest Sausage

    Started by Earl, 21-03-2011 22:35
    longest, sausage, world's longest
    • Replies: 4
    • Views: 1,194
    22-03-2011 20:40
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  17. Chestnut the Bratwurst Eating World Champion

    Started by Earl, 19-09-2010 12:03
    bratwurst, champion, competitive eater, gobbling, Joey Chestnut, sausage
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    • Views: 699
    19-09-2010 12:03
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