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Thread: Poor cat

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    Unhappy Poor cat

    My Mums just had to have her cat put down

    I phoned her but don't really know what to say to her apart from 'she had a good life'

    She's really upset

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    Default Re: Poor cat

    Awwww, i'm sorry to hear that Jools.

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    Default Re: Poor cat

    people think when pets die, ah well it was just a cat. The problem is when you cat or dog die its heartbreaking as they often have become part of the family. It broke mine and my hubbys hearts when our dog had to be put to sleep. sorry to hear about your mums cat

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    Default Re: Poor cat

    I know the feeling jools. We had to have both our cats put down at different times in the past. One was 14 and the other was 17 (nearly 18) so she had had a good life. As playme says they become such a big part of your life, then there is a big void there. Really, you can only console yourself with the fact that you gave them a good home and you got a lot of pleasure from knowing them. Apart from that, there's not much else you can say, except be there for her in this difficult time.

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