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Thread: Psychic Nikki 2021

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    Default Psychic Nikki 2021

    Here's the 2021 predictions from Psychic Nikki

    Nikki - Psychic to the Stars - 416-961-7976 - 2021 Predictions

    Biden will be president but for a noticeably short time either because of ill health, accident, or threats. He will be preceded by a woman
    As much as i like Biden, this might just happen.

    • A huge earthquake tsunami in Japan
    • A tsunami in Hong Kong

    Collapse of the Pyramids in Egypt
    Crikey, no way!

    • Donald Trump will write a tell all book and ink a deal with Fox news and have show
    • Donald Trump - Possible arrest

    I prefer number 2.

    • Trump will be fighting lawsuits
    • Possible illness around Trump
    • Trump divorce with Melania
    • Danger around Barron Trump
    • Trump will probably move to Florida but will end up living in several places

    Assassination of a world leader
    I really hope its not someone likable

    • Coronavirus will level off by Spring
    • The COVID-19 vaccine will help, but not everyone will take it

    Good news.

    • Fire in Little Italy, New York City
    • Towering Inferno in New York City
    • Parts of New York on fire

    The future of restaurants and retail will be like going through airport security

    San Andreas Fault in California is about to explode

    Amalgamation of a lot of corporate companies
    What does that mean?

    Woodpeckers will become extinct
    Oh no!

    Discovery that the White House is haunted
    Bloody obvious that one!

    There will not be another pandemic for at least 10 years ]
    Beverly Hills will become a ghost town after celebrities sell their properties because of the impacts of the virus in California they will move to Australia, Canada, and parts of Europe
    Or maybe because of Yellowstone?

    Iran and Israel at war
    Israel is usually the instigator

    Trump may move or visit Russia
    This one is so obvious

    WW3, but it will be a noticeably short war and then more peace
    Another planet will be discovered, and more sightings are possible, and some sort of unidentified flying object could very well land in area 51

    Scotland becoming independent
    I really hope so

    The landscape will change drastically in Los Angeles and San Francisco after devasting earthquakes
    A space tragedy
    A real-life Robin Hood will rob banks to feed the poor

    An earthquake on the east side of Antarctica

    A volcano under Los Angeles
    Planets will collide in space

    Big changes in the Monarchy of Britain 2 funerals will cause havoc

    • A Spaceship landing in desert area
    • An increase in UFO sightings worldwide
    • A large fan shape flying object seen all over the world
    • A lot of UFOs in India

    Sky turning different colours all over the world
    A meteorite will hit earth, creating a giant crater and it will be radioactive
    Radioactivity as well as a Pandemic. We really are lucky humans!

    Fire coming out of the ground in some cities

    Mini earthquakes in the Earths core

    House of Parliament in London, England has a great fire
    At this point i'd welcome this

    1. More breakthroughs in medical science
    2. More space discoveries
    3. More oceanic discoveries
    4. Flattening the curve of the pandemic
    5. People being cured with vaccine of this deadly virus
    6. Scientists may come up with new vaccines for people with allergies who cannot take them
    7. The general population will be kinder to each other
    8. The planet will be cleaner
    9. Major clean ups of ocean, plastics, and the environment
    10. Cleaner healthier world and population
    11. There will be other viruses cropping up but nothing to like the Coronavirus
    12. There may be a pandemic 10 years from now, but we will be prepared

    Happy predictions

    • Prince Andrew will leave England
    • Prince Andrew stripped of his title after discriminating videos of him are released
    • Prince Andrew finally confesses

    Oh, you bad, bad boy!

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    13 medium - Psychic Nikki 2021

    'I'd sit alone and watch your light,
    My only friend through teenage nights,
    And everything I had to know, I heard it on my radio'

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    Default Re: Psychic Nikki 2021

    Such a shame about woodpeckers, they’re such a beautiful bird.

    The amalgamation of companies could mean that because of Covid / social distancing companies think they’ll fair better teaming up, eg Amazon and Just Eat could combine forces so their drivers get more jobs in per hour.

    She’s predicted a lot of movie like catastrophes this time

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