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I tried to read, but are those people not just a little bit nuts? I didn't have a clue what I was reading, I felt totally out of my depth on an intelligence level, sorta like when my son talks to me about the world and stuff. He knows everything there is to know about geography and languages, it fascinates him, I don't know anyone more knowledgeable. I thought I'd read and then ask him when he gets back from University, but reading further it doesn't seem it's anything to do with geography, more to do with nutty people? I googled Sagittarius and other things to try to understand what was being said, I got really confused and the search somehow even led me to google octopus porn before I stopped.

I can see Earl having a field day with that rule if he got onto a forum with people like that years ago. That means that nobody can question what you're saying, no matter how ridiculous, so somewhere down the line that ridiculous thing that someone said would now be in your head. You might not remember where it came from, so there's the possibility of you mistaking it as your own thought, therefore your own reality.

Have I understood it? It's more to do with people thinking differently, so like a conspiracy theory, than Germany actually being land locked at one time?

When I look at a map I think places have moved. It was only a couple of months ago that I was shocked when I saw where Portugal was, I had no clue. It was as if someone had picked it up from somewhere else, maybe detached and more in the sea below Spain, then just stuck it on the side of Spain overnight. I know that's my lack of knowledge because I've never had an interest in Portugal or where it was, but I was suprised because I could've sworn it wasn't there before.
This video by Lone Eagle, a Native American, compares two Earth Realities. What he means by Sagittarius is the star system in our Galaxy. The Milky Way is basically a Spiral Galexy and Earth sits in one of its arms, which is either Orion or Sagittarius. Perhaps it's Sagittarius considering we can see Orion's Belt at night.
LIVE WITH LONE: Comparing Sagittarius Earth to Orion Earth - YouTube

Or a Google search of Orion might be more helpful.
earth orion's belt - Google Search

The Sagittarius arm of the Milky Way
earth sagittarius arm - Google Search