New year, new predictions.
Nikki - Psychic to the Stars - 416-961-7976 - 2019 Predictions

A Spaceship landing in desert area.
An increase in UFO sightings worldwide
They love visiting us. Don't know why they bother.

A large fan shape flying object seen all over the world
Well, this is interesting!

Penguins invading cities

Birmingham, England on fire

Illness around President Trump
Yeah, that'll be all the fastfood and cola he apparently eats.

A brawl and riots in London's Hyde Park
Sky turning different colours all over the world
isnt that normal? Or does she mean during the day?

Somebody will fly a drone into the White House
With all that security?

Protests and riots in London, England
Protests, riots and a bomb in Trafalgar Square in London, England
YES! I bloody well hope so!

A famous male politician will come out as female
A meteorite will hit earth, creating a giant crater and it will be radioactive

Bloody violence on the Gaza Strip in the Middle East
I really hope not. Damn Israel.

The first conception of half human and half animal
What the hell?

A satellite picks up strange sounds in space
  • Fire coming out of the ground in some cities
  • Mini earthquakes in the Earth's core

North Korea could strike the US
Donald Trump will attack North Korea
House of Parliament in London, England has a great fire ]
At this point, i'd really like that to happen, preferably when there's just Tories inside.

All of North America will be in the dark with a power blackout
  • Terror attack in Antwerp, Belgium
  • Terror attack in Moscow
  • Protests and riots in Washington, DC
  • Terror attacks in London, England
  • Terror attack in Las Vegas
  • Terror attack in Paris
  • Terror attack in New York
  • Terror attack in Rome, Italy
  • Terror attack in Egypt
  • Terror attack in the Caribbean

A commercial airliner shot down by a drone attack
Bomb blast at the British Prime Minister's residence, 10 Downing Street, London, England