Because we really do need to keep an eye on this man on EVERYTHING he does. He's dangerous, extremely dangerous and is likely to cause serious world wide issues any moment.

Only because he thinks we all love him.
Donald Trump 'fine' with protests as UK visit begins - BBC News

He's already caused chaos at NATO
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Here he is, having a whinge
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Trump's Supreme Court Judge choice
Who Is Brett Kavanaugh, President Trump's Pick For The Supreme Court? : NPR

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Alot of the kids taken from their parents still havn't been reunited and its likely they never will be. All we've seen of those holding buildings are of young boys and teens. Where are all the babies and girls? This is one such facility.
Government contractor acknowledges migrant children were held overnight in vacant office building | Reveal

Report: Contractor housed migrant kids at unlicensed Phoenix building

Trump administration placed separated children in a vacant Phoenix office building – ThinkProgress