A former kebab shop worker has been convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend with cling film and masking tape after he became enraged with jealousy.

Ahsan Hassan hid behind bins to stalk Zofia Sadowska weeks before he carried her ‘limp and completely floppy’ body out of a takeaway shop and into a taxi.

‘Utterly fixated’, Hassan admitted manslaughter by killing the Polish national in what he claimed was part of a lovers’ suicide pact.

Also in the dock was his childhood friend from Pakistan, Usmar Ansar, who was accused of lying to police to protect his friend after feeling ‘very guilty’ about having sexual relations with Sadowska.

Hassan, who faces life behind bars for his crime, had been found with deep self-inflicted cuts to his wrist next to Zofia’s body in his bedroom last September.

He had murdered her in the Dennis kebab shop in High Wycombe two days previously.

Hassan told the taxi driver who took him back to his property that she was drunk rather than dead.

Prosecutor Alan Blake said: ‘It may be that having killed the woman with whom he had become utterly fixated and faced with the prospect of being prosecuted for her murder, the defendant Ali genuinely made an attempt on his life on that Monday morning.’

A post mortem examination revealed that there was no alcohol in her body and the cause of dead was asphyxia consistent with compression of the neck.

Senior investigating officer, Detectiveve Inspector Stuart Blaik of Thames Valley Police’s Major Crime Unit, said: ‘I am pleased that Hassan has been convicted for his crimes.

‘Hassan was deeply controlling, manipulative and consumed with jealousy.

‘He evilly planned to murder Zofia and then showed cowardice when he tried to cover up his crime by falsely claiming that both he and Zofia had wished to commit suicide.

‘Hassan has never admitted his crimes, which has made dealing with the loss of Zofia even more of a terrible ordeal for her family. I would like to pay tribute to Zofia’s family for their courage throughout.’

Ansar, 40, was cleared of perverting the course of justice.

Hassan will be sentenced on Monday, April 10, at Reading Crown Court.
Ahsan Hassan murdered Zofia Sadowska with cling film in jealous rage | Metro News