This year I've taken a fortnight off work and I'm going to have a Mega-Christmas.

I want to do everything Christmas related. This is the list of all the shit I want to eat, see, or do over Christmas. Let me know if you can think of any others.

Hot chocolate
Give to charity
Nativity play or similar
Christmas carols
Board games
Best Christmas lights in the neighbourhood
Christmas letters
Hot cider
Random acts of kindness
Small tree for Spud decorated with his toys
Eggnog french toast Adventuress : Eggnog french toast
Gingerbread house Make a Gingerbread House
Christmas scented candles
Orange with cloves Orange with Cloves
Lego nativity
Boxing Day roast boar
Christmas jumpers
Christmas lights
Christmas markets
White chocolate popcorn
Roast marshmallows
Ashen faggot
Christmas tea - finger food
Christmas pudding
Chocolate log
Mince pies
Brandy butter
Port trifle
Cinnamon buns
Gingerbread pancakes BBC Food - Recipes - Gingerbread pancakes with Parma ham and maple syrup
Christmas cocktail recipes BBC - Food - Collections : Christmas cocktail recipes
Clementine smoothy BBC Food - Recipes - Spiced clementine smoothie
Chocolate truffles