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    Default Bulk selling

    Do you know any businesses that are willing to bulk buy old video tapes?

    I haven't got any money and I haven't got any time to sell them individually on ebay. I don't want to give it to some charity shop because I get nothing back. I need to get some cash because i want to have minimal stuff so I can go mobile.

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    We threw ours away because they were pretty worthless.

    Are you going to be a traveller?

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    Ha ha, old video tapes, tell me about it, I've got loads of those too. Have thrown a lot out after having digitised them but there are loads of Doctor Who ones that I painstakingly recorded off of UK Gold back in the day when they were showing as much of the old series as was available. I'd hate to lose them but I haven't watched them in years, it's not really convenient to do so now as we have more modern equipment, and the quality is crap anyway.

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    Default Re: Bulk selling

    Can you even buy video players/recorders nowadays?

    Sorry Freebie, I can't help with where to sell them, most people I know end up throwing them away.

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    Default Re: Bulk selling

    There are Facebook groups for buying and selling old VHS tapes. Usually a certain genre though.

    I'm guessing Freeby's are all old wrestling videos, I bet there's someone who would want them.

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