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Thread: If UK votes to leave the EU...

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    Default Re: If UK votes to leave the EU...

    Ah yes, see, that's an interesting point. I've no idea how that would work.

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    Default Re: If UK votes to leave the EU...

    It's never been mentioned what will happen. I think people forget about all the British people that have taken advantage of the free movement. It's not just people arriving in the UK, we've spread ourselves all over Europe just as much. Look at Spain, they've got all 'our' inactive pensioners draining their health service and not much else.

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    Default Re: If UK votes to leave the EU...

    I'm not keen on the idea of leaving. Aside from it not making sense to make ourselves small there are so many EU laws that protect us, and even the ones I might not be keen on but have to go along with could be made a million times worse with the tories in charge, it's not like they've got my best interest at heart.

    When I hear people chatting about Brexit they're only talk about having more money and less immigrants. For a start, I doubt there will be more money and if there is it'll never end up in their pockets. The less immigrant thing particularly bugs me, it's a minefield, one I don't believe we're equipped to deal with.

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