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Thread: Monkey head transplant

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    Creature Monkey head transplant

    .. or just freaky gross stuff??


    The head transplant juggernaut rolls on. Last year, maverick surgeon Sergio Canavero caused a worldwide storm when he revealed his plan to attempt a human head transplant to New Scientist. He claimed that the surgical protocol would be ready within two years and said he intended to offer the surgery as a treatment for complete paralysis.

    Now, working with other scientists in China and South Korea, he claims to have moved closer to that goal with a series of experiments in animals and human cadavers.

    I would say we have plenty of data to go on, says Canavero. Its important that people stop thinking this is impossible. This is absolutely possible and were working towards it.
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    Default Re: Monkey head transplant

    Awesome. I wouldn't mind my head on a monkey's body one day.

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