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Thread: Typical middle/higher class people getting robbed!

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    Default Typical middle/higher class people getting robbed!

    I just got to laugh at those higher class overrated retards that are victims of crime because they are not aware.

    here are their retarded videos.

    I got Robbed whilst making a YouTube Video - YouTube

    The homeowner should have dogs in the house so it will piss the robbers off... plus living in a big house like that are more likely to get robbed.

    Kidnapped and Mugged | Tyler Oakley - YouTube

    Stupid Americano hails a taxi and he saw a passenger already in the cab. So he got in anyway and got robbed. He did not realise it's a fake taxi.

    The Day I Got Mugged | Ryon Nethercott - YouTube

    Another Middle class person got robbed by a chav all because he have earphones on which shows that he got an expensive smartphone in his pocket. He mentioned that his provisional license, debit card and oyster card got robbed. He did not mention about reporting it to the old bill. With the Oyster card, if he registered it, London Transport will send him a new oyster card and refunded his balance.

    Robbed in Paris - YouTube

    Another stupid American that got robbed by someone who he befriended for few minutes. The thieves asked for his camera and money so they took his camera and wallet.

    How I got MUGGED | Charlie & Connor Take Paris Pt. 1 - YouTube

    Stupid Brit-tard interacts with a 'Chugger' and he signed up to one of those stupid charities (which volunteers are on the payroll) and he got out his wallet, many more fundraisers approached him and he dropped his wallet and they took all his money and buggered off.

    Geofftech – iBlog 8. Reality

    Englishman left his gear in his big arse car with automatic transmission. He got robbed all because he forgot to turn his GPS off and the robbers realised there is something in the car. So they broke the car window, taken all the stuff including his camera equipment and computer. The reason why he had his camera equipment and computer because he was going to do his 48 state trip in mainland yankee land. He end up standing on broken glass and crying about his gear got stolen. Yes he called himself a cunt because he was too lazy to bring it in doors. Lesson learnt.

    I am VERY glad I am NOT a retarded person, I am ALWAYS aware of these kind of situations, specially out in public with loads of panhandlers and pick pocketers. I don't listen to music when i'm out, I ALWAYS, yes fucking ALWAYS alert. Hence why you get public announcements telling retarded sheeple to be aware and vigilant.

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    Default Re: Typical middle/higher class people getting robbed!

    Didn't you get mugged once?

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    Default Re: Typical middle/higher class people getting robbed!

    So what class do you consider yourself, Feebie?

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