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Oh well, I don't know about restaurants, but surely you can have it however you want? I know if we have pizza in a restaurant we would have one each, but it's not compulsory. It just depends how much you want to have I guess, and I'm sure the other folk aren't judging you for having one sliced up between you. They'll be too busy enjoying their own pizzas if they have any sense.
I can't eat a full pizza, I'd be hard pushed to eat a quarter, so I'll always have to have one cut up to share.

I think what made it slightly more embarrassing was my husband ordered a Cinni (the c sounds like a 'ch' in Malta). I thought it strange him ordering a drink with the same name as the surgeon who operated on me, but I just kept quiet. The waitress looked confused, then asked if he meant a Kinnie (sounds how it's spelt), so he did a nervous laugh and said yes that's what he meant. When they brought him a pop over instead of a lager he realised his mistake and said he meant a Cisk. Trying to remember to say the CH sound when you see a C gets confusing, so he was concentrating more on the ch and ended up asking for a surgeon to drink.