What's the done thing when ordering pizza at a restaurant? Do you order one each, or do you ask them to cut it up into triangles and have one to share?

The first time I went to Italy I was shocked to see people ordering one each and using a knife and fork to eat them with, so that must be the right way to eat pizza. I still see pizza as a food that's okay to pick up, but I don't think it is okay. To be fair my only experience in the UK was Pizza Hut and that's not real pizza, but we used to get pizza to share and the cutlery was only used for the salad.

We've just been for pizza and ordered two between the four of us, knowing that even that would be too much, but the waitress looked at us as though we were a bit weird, especially when we asked for it cutting into triangles. I did eat mine with a knife and fork though.

IMG 3246 zps7ieev1g2 - The right way to eat Pizza.

Only slightly related because the next photo was taken in the restaurant, but how come I have difficulty reading most of the packaging here if it's in Italian and never know whether I'm buying the right thing, yet this wall behind my daughter reads as simply as I'd read English? I wish packaging was as simple.

IMG 3263 zps7s5sjjgm - The right way to eat Pizza.