What a sorry state of affairs.

Kirsty Derry eats herself to death after Victoria Mews care home removes fridge locks, inquest hears | Metro News

A woman with a rare genetic condition that made her constantly hungry ate herself to death after care home staff removed locks on her fridge and cupboards, an inquest has heard.
Kirsty Derry, 23, of Staffordshire, suffered from Prada-Willi syndrome which causes sufferers to experience constant feelings of hunger.
She died from heart failure when her weight reached 19st – after piling on seven stone in nine months following a move to an assisted living care home.
But an inquest into her death heard that Kirsty was allowed to gorge on chocolate and ice cream after she convinced staff to remove special locks on her cupboards that restricted her eating.
She died just a month after her mother Julie Fallows, 50, had written to the care home she was living in saying she feared for her daughter’s life.