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Thread: Greenwich pub crawl June 2015

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    Default Greenwich pub crawl June 2015

    So four of us from Lincs took the train down to London (30 return from Grantham) for a nice leisurely pub crawl around Greenwich for the afternoon/evening. There's a hotel for members of the armed forces (and former members) that costs about 40 for a single room right next to Waterloo station so we all stayed there.

    We got to Waterloo at about half ten, dumped our bags in the hotel and then had some breakfast. At about 12 we got onto a boat that took us down the Thames to Greenwich, then we went to a few pubs around the area that my friend had mapped out and also met up with some friends who live and work in London.

    We also had some very nice food from Greenwich market so there's some pics of the stalls there etc.

    At about ten we decided enough was enough and got the last boat back up the river and went and checked into the hotel and get some sleep. It was just a really nice chilled day out.

    There's a picture of a random girl because she was selling Polish pierogi and her earrings were pierogis.
    The gobby urinals were in the Admiral Hardy next to Greenwich market.
    The Spanish Galleon has a chip shop inside the pub!
    The lamb and haloumi wraps were absolutely amazing.
    The hot dog and garlic butter fries came from a lovely little place right outside (literally 15 metres) the front of Kings Cross Station, it's called Coffee Dogs, the one I had was the Chicago dog.

    The pubs we went to were, in order - The Trafalgar, The Kings Arms, The Coach and Horses, The Admiral Hardy, The Spanish Galleon, The Gipsy Moth and The Old Brewery.

    All of the pubs were what I'd call proper pubs, the sort of pubs you can sit in all afternoon and just chat with friends. I'm not against pubs with loads of tellies etc, I go to them myself, but it was nice to just visit some like these and try some nice real ale.

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    Default Re: Greenwich pub crawl June 2015

    The pics at night are cool

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    Default Re: Greenwich pub crawl June 2015

    Had great tapas in Greenwich.

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    Default Re: Greenwich pub crawl June 2015

    It's great Greenwich, we stay there every year when we got to the Country Music Festival got its own unique feel to it.

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