Lego rocks!

lego feat1 - Lego Clubs for kids

It is a busy Friday morning at Harston and Newton Primary school, in a village just south of Cambridge, and three excited five and six‑year‑olds are playing with Lego. But this is no Lego-bucket free-for-all, this is a carefully choreographed attempt to build a lorry.

Five-year-old Kaillum is studying a set of instructions intently and guiding his two classmates. "You need four white pieces with four bumps and two red see-through bits with one bump," he tells six-year-old Harry.

"You're not allowed to look at the instructions, dude" he adds, as Harry leans over to see for himself.

This is definitely not playtime. This is Lego therapy in action.

Each child has their own job: engineer, supplier or builder. The engineer has the instructions, which must not be shown to the others (hence Kaillum's hard line). The supplier has the pieces, and the builder must put the toy together. The engineer must tell the supplier which pieces to give to the builder and describe to the builder how to put it together without showing them the pictures.
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